How history is brought to life

In my research project on  German immigrants in Nottingham during the First World War I’m working with the Trent Academy Group, which consists of Rushcliffe School, The Farnborough Academy and Arnold Hill Academy. Students and teachers from these schools collaborate in defining research questions and conduct aspects of the research activity and dissemination of the research findings. Furthermore, […]

Hidden history brought to life

My current research project is on German immigrants in Nottingham during the First World War. It’s a collaborative undertaking for academics, teachers and students. Overview This project breaks new ground, because it examines a subject that has been somewhat overlooked. The examination focuses on: German migrant numbers and ethnic coherence; their participation in the wider society; prisoners […]

What’s the use

In my book This Cannot Happen Here – Integration and Jewish Resistance in the Netherlands, 1940-1945 (published by Amsterdam University Press) there’s a small section on the ways in which Jews used language. Here’s that passage. During the 1930s Jews in the Netherlands were becoming part of a changing Dutch society. They contributed to some […]