For over 20 years I’ve been building bridges. That’s to say, bridges between people. I don’t use rope, brick or metal. Words do it better – they connect us and cast durable ties. So, I like to work with words.

No doubt you also use language. For example, to communicate with your audience, whether they’re customers, employees, shareholders, members, partners or other people. After all, words are applied for that purpose across every sector in business, education, charity and public life.

As a copywriter, I help you forge a closer bond with people. I come up with ideas, find the right words, use imagination and add emotion, phrasing it all to produce the enhanced results you’re looking for.

All along, I work with you in a pleasant manner, getting you what we agreed you’d get – on time and within your budget.

What makes me stand out?

Working this way, I give you content that engages, inspires and persuades people. But, you may say: ‘That’s what all good copywriters do. What makes you stand out?’ Well, I’m capable of tackling complicated and current issues.

For example, I work with people in professional services, who want to raise their credibility by informing clients and prospects about the latest developments in their areas of interest. I help them produce insightful news briefings, posts and articles.

I also write with vision and zest about complicated topics. And the intricate products in heavily regulated industries such as the financial sector. And the multi-layered services in corporate and commercial law. And the processes and fruits of a new technology in engineering. And the methodology and outcomes of groundbreaking science.

What your audience enjoys

I relish conducting research and analysis, so that I get to grips with a slippery subject. After that detective work I bring clarity by making what’s difficult easy to understand.

And where needed, I apply the know-how of an experienced writer to turn even the longest text into a piece that people enjoy reading or hearing.

I may be able to help you connect with the people in your audience. But to find out, you’ll have to cross the first bridge – please phone or email me.