What makes me stand out as a copywriter is my ability to tackle complicated and current issues.

For example, I work with people, who want to raise their credibility by informing clients and prospects about the latest developments in their areas of interest. I help them produce insightful briefings, posts and articles.


I relish conducting research and analysis, so that I get to grips with a slippery subject. After that detective work I bring clarity, making what’s difficult easy to understand.

And where needed, I apply the know-how of an experienced writer to turn even the longest text into a piece that people enjoy reading or hearing.

Over the years I’ve become a specialist copywriter in financial and professional services, energy generation and retail, education and engineering.

Financial services

Financial services – offered by banks, investment firms, stockbrokers, insurance companies and financial advisors – is where I started and have worked ever since.

My knowledge and experience enable me to deal quickly with complicated legislation and compliance issues. And my skills give clients copy that’s easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

Professional services

But I’m more than just a financial services copywriter. Banking on my ability to follow demanding rules, professional services firms also call me in for my expertise.

Consultants such as management advisors, lawyers and accountants are often looking for pieces that need to be written for a wider, non-specialist audience. For example, on new developments in their sector. They’d be able to produce this text themselves, but I give them a different perspective and help them save time, which they can spend on profitable work.

Energy generation and retail

In energy generation and retail my skills, knowledge and experience come in useful too.

Like bankers, accountants and lawyers, energy companies are subject of extensive regulation. My work helps them to comply with the rules. And it improves their communication with customers and consumers in general.

Education and science

When you know that I’ve got a doctorate (PhD) and in my spare time research and publish academic articles and books, it comes as no surprise that I work a lot in education and science.

Helping people grasp a difficult subject is something I enjoy. And I understand the need of teachers and academics to promote their work without oversimplifying it.

Engineering and construction

Few sectors have more complex subjects than engineering, from nanotechnology to skyscrapers. And like the related construction industry, engineering is governed by intricate rules.

In their communication with staff and suppliers, clients and prospects, financiers and investors, engineers and builders are looking for precision tools. I’m used to producing these tools and make them work.