More and more clients are asking me to develop the writing skills of their staff. They have to write all kinds of text, from simple emails to complicated reports.

Their text has to keep them connected with other people – customers, prospects, shareholders and other members of their audiences. So it has to be composed well.

That’s where clients bring me in. I sharpen people’s writing skills through training.

What is this writing training?

At the moment all my writing training takes place in online workshops. They are conducted on three different levels:

  • Simple words, well phrased – effective writing for different audiences.
  • Sell with words – attractive language as a sales tool.
  • Evoke the right emotion – how to use your imagination.

Who are the workshops for?

My workshops are tailor-made. You choose the level and we focus on specific communications selected by you, such as website pages, media contents, articles, news releases or briefings.

We also concentrate on issues that are important to you or problems you need to solve. And we work on a text you need to write to respond to an actual situation.

The workshop take place in real time. One or more people from your organisation can participate.

What happens in a workshop?

The workshop gives you an insight into what makes writing successful. To achieve that aim you learn the professional techniques I mastered during more than 20 years of copywriting.

Each workshop starts with a series of practical yet entertaining exercises. Then, applying what you’ve learnt, you compose a text.

You can write from scratch, redo a text or use a draft you’re already working on. You set your own pace, I help you reach your goal.

Here’s what participants say about my workshops.

If you’d like to hone your writing skills or help your colleagues improve their work, please phone or email me.