Workshop comments

“The atmosphere of the workshop was informal and relaxed. There was plenty of time for one-to-one sessions.”
– Alison Rodger, Lloyds Bank

“I haven’t stopped raving about it. It wasn’t ‘corporate’ aka boring, pretentious or phoney. I’ve been to a few copy classes run by other organisations, which have been very ‘this is the way it should be done!’ I found your class to be quite the opposite. All I wanted to do when your class was over was to write.”
– Nicky Madill, SSE

“I’m already putting what I’ve learned into practice. I highly recommend Ben’s workshops – lively, thought provoking, fun!”
– Morag Peterson, Cigna Healthcare

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and believe I’ve learnt some valuable skills that I now find myself putting into my everyday work.”
– Niamh Kidd, Bailie Gifford

“Everyone was engaged in the exercises and stories. I’ve seen today that people started using what they had learned.”
– Ben Hillsdon, Raleigh

“I found the session really beneficial. It was good to get a better understanding of how to make people feel more comfortable through the use of words.”
– Ryan Hills, University of Sheffield

“I enjoyed the course and have already put some of the theory into practice.”
– Paul Giblin, ScottishPower

“I’ve learnt a lot. The size of the group worked well. It was small enough to still feel like you were getting one-to-one tuition without it being intimidating.”
– Nicola Hanson, Shakespeares

“I enjoyed the workshop immensely. It was useful and I find myself applying your advice and techniques to my copywriting.”
– Olly Howell, Linn Products

“Ben delivered an in-house workshop on ‘Report Writing’ to part of my team. Ben customised the course to our needs. Ben made sure that he was well prepared with the different types of reports we deliver and the skill level of the workshop attendees well before the day. All the attendees came away with useful tips on how to improve their report writing.”
– Nilanga Jayawarna, TNEI Services

“Thanks, I really enjoyed the workshop and have been buzzing with ideas – I rushed in to tell my boss this morning and we’re developing them!”
– Clara Suess, Scottish Ballet

“I found it really useful – you shared your knowledge and we put it into practice.”
– Julie Beresford, Newark and Sherwood District Council

“It was helpful and informative. I’ll certainly be using the knowledge I gained.”
– Ben Powell, Chattertons Solicitors

“You did well in creating a personal and friendly environment. I came away with lots of practical tips which I’ll use to improve my writing.”
– Phil Swan, Erskine Design

“Ben led a very informative workshop that provided a concise and structured format for copywriting that translates well to every day tasks. The full-day course was conveniently delivered onsite and I would highly recommend.”
– Jennifer Molloy, Campbell & Kennedy

“I thought your approach and understanding of what could be realistically achieved in a day, were spot on. I came away with lots of ideas about how to write future material and am currently scribbling some notes for a lecture I’m giving in a few weeks time. I will of course be employing some of your suggestions.”
– William Mitchell, 4c Design

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend a couple of Ben’s workshops and would highly recommend them. Each workshop was informal, friendly, relaxed and enjoyable. The small group sizes were ideal and provided plenty of opportunities for one-to-one spells with Ben throughout the day.”
– Fiona McMillan, Cooper Cromar

“I’d recommend Ben’s courses for anyone working in copywriting, web design or communications. I’ve attended two of Ben’s courses. They changed the way I write. They advanced my career. They made my audience (the people who use the sites I’ve designed) very happy. His focus on creativity, as well as clear, jargon-free writing, is what sets him apart. Highly recommended.”
– Wendy Jordan, Wheatley Group

“Ben is incredibly knowledgable about what he does, and effective at imparting this knowledge. He will work with you to not only improve your writing skills, but to also understand the nuances of writing for different types of media.”
– Sarah Burry-Hayes, Museums Galleries Scotland

“Ben ran a two-day workshop with my team. They found the sessions hard work but very worthwhile and came back to work full of ideas on how to apply their learnings.”
– Lynn McGurk, Skills Development Scotland

“I can recommend Ben after attending one of his content writing workshops. I enjoyed the hands-on session and learned lots of tips. I also left with a piece of web content which was ready to publish.”
– Lisa Lumsden, Sunnycat

“I cannot emphasise the practicality of Ben’s copywriting workshops enough. Since attending I have been able to develop my confidence and take new leaps in my career. Ben will help you to gain a stronger understanding of tone of voice, support you to discover your own style and deal with your weaker areas constructively. I look forward to attending the next available slot and recommend anyone who is interested in persuasive writing to sign up.”
– Natalie Fenning, Fenning & Joel

“Ben’s preparation made the workshop [on copywriting for in-house graphic designers] very personal to us all. Everyone found it challenging but thanks to Ben’s guidance, we now have the confidence to think about pictures and words working seamlessly together. Highly recommended and highly enjoyable.”
– Chris Dowdall, SSE

“Ben is expert in his field and passionate about his art. He is highly articulate and engaging. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.”
– Jennifer Ross, Cigna Healthcare

“Ben provided a [report-writing] course tailored to our needs. I personally benefited from the course and often refer back to my notes.”
– Gavin Stewart, SSE