People and words, that’s my thing. I’m a writer and use language – words and ways of combining words.

As a copywriter I work with people in organisations who need language to communicate with other people. As a journalist I listen to people, give them a voice and make it heard. As a historian I review and describe what makes us the way we are.

Finally, in my workshops I train people to use language successfully in business, education, charity and public life.

What I do as a copywriter

For over 20 years I’ve been building bridges. That’s to say, bridges between people. I don’t use rope or bricks. Words do it better – they connect us and cement durable ties. So, I like to work with words.

No doubt you also use language. For example, to communicate with your audience, whether they’re customers, employees, shareholders, members, partners or other people.

Here’s how I can help you forge a closer bond with people

What I do as a journalist

Over the years I’ve covered life-saving inventions, reported disasters, hunted war criminals and interviewed a small galaxy of pop stars. Eventually my journalism has ventured into business, education, charity and the public sector.

Here you find a few examples of that later work

What I do as a historian

In my spare time I’m a historian and Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Humanities of the University of Glasgow. My main area of interest is integration of immigrants and their descendants into western European societies during the modern era.

Here’s a selection of my academic publications in English

What I do in my workshops

I sharpen people’s writing skills. I also give them the tools to rouse their language, so that it connects with people. And I coach individuals, brands, companies and institutions to find their voice.

Discover how this is done in workshops